Our Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is not just something you see, it’s something you experience. You can smell it in the rich oaky smell aroma of our oak tanned leather. You can feel it in the effortless way a Purdey coat slides over your shoulders or the way our walking sticks feel at home in your hand.

It’s more than just meticulously lining up the patterns of the tweed and cutting with masterful consideration, craftsmanship lies in the little details. It’s the rubber-coated buttons on our outerwear. It’s the hand warming pockets that make all the difference in winter. It’s the design that takes your performance into consideration — like putting extra padding on the shoulders. With us, craftsmanship starts with the wearer and with over 200 years in the business, we’re quite confident in what we do.

Luxury fieldwear

We know when the drizzle is relentless, you don’t just want a wax jacket. You want a reliable garment that doesn’t bend to the will of the weather. You want something that will last you, through every season of rain and sunshine. From our tweeds to our boots, every item carries the Purdey prestige. When you invest in a Purdey garment or accessory, you’re not just purchasing luxury countrywear — you’re celebrating centuries of British craftsmanship.

Deliberate details

Every element of a field coat, polo shirt or tweed hat are not simply sewn together but crafted with precision and consideration. We go to great lengths in all we do. The tireless attention to detail is done so that every garment, down to the laces and rubber-coated buttons, upholds the Purdey name.


We treat the tweed that arrives from our Scottish mill like an old friend. The flocks of Cheviot sheep that graze a few miles from our mill produce strong and durable wool which forms the foundation for our fieldwear.

Before we thread a needle or prepare a loom, we open the archives that hold patterns dating back more than a century. All the designs are unique to Purdey. Each season, our design and development team twist the yarns together to form individual patterns and colours. That’s how we continue to honour the old and blend the new.

Recently we found a way to improve our tweed. We have been adding anywhere between 22% to 100% cashmere to our tweed weaves. The result is an extremely soft and comfortable fabric but with the robust wear that Purdey tweed coats are known for.