Our Tweed

Where there is the British countryside, there is tweed. Although the fabric has its origins in Scotland, this rich fabric has always held a prestigious position in the world of field sports. With its ability to stay warm and dry, tweed has been essential in the sportsman and woman’s wardrobe for centuries.

From the quality of the materials to unique patterns and performance-enhancing finishings, we pride ourselves on the tweed we produce. Discover designs that honour traditional British fieldwear and utilise the latest innovations in materials to bring you a new standard of tweed fieldwear.

Made using the finest materials

Producing our garments is a deliberate craft that all starts with materials. Known worldwide for woven excellence, Lovat Mill in Hawick is the home of tweed and our trusted producer. They handcraft our tweed using wool from the Cheviot sheep that graze close to the mill in the Scottish borders. The sheep hold a reputation of their own — their wool is renowned for softness and durability which creates the perfect foundation for our fieldwear.

Unique to Purdey

We greet the tweed that arrives from the Scottish mill like an old friend. Before a needle is threaded or a loom prepared, the archives are opened. With patterns dating back more than a century, a great measure of thinking and consideration goes into the preparation of our tweed. Every season our design and development team twist the yarns together to form individual patterns and colours — creating designs which are unique to us. The results are magnificent blankets of tweed. Each one, unmistakably Purdey.

We add our finishing touches and then the tweed is washed, pressed and given a waterproof treatment. This treatment, called Aquaret coating, repels dirt and moisture without detracting from the feel of the texture. Then each roll is hand-checked for consistency and to ensure that every yard of fabric is of the highest standard.

Blended with cashmere

Recently we’ve found a way to create a more luxurious tweed-wearing experience — by adding anywhere between 22% and 100% cashmere to the garments in our men’s and ladies' outerwear ranges. The result is a harmonious balance of soft and robust.