Our Sustainability Pledge

We believe boots should be made for the journey. Coats should be able to withstand the drizzle but never sacrifice movement to achieve that. And that clothing should be made to last. With nature as our inspiration, we make our garments fit for purpose. In every piece we craft, we balance form, function and style.

Innovation has opened up a new opportunity for responsible luxury. Just as we’re committed to bringing you unmatched craftsmanship, we pledge to continue finding sustainable alternatives and making Purdey greener.

Renewable packaging

Our pledge extends to every detail, including the packaging. We use recycled plastic packing for all our garments and are currently exploring alternatives in an effort to stop the use completely.

Supporting local

We turn to those who know the British countryside the best — the British. Nearly half the goods we produce are made in the UK, the remaining materials are sourced from Europe. By keeping it close to home, we support local businesses that understand the unique needs of our customers.

Sustainable luxury

Every piece we produce is not just an investment in your wardrobe, it’s an investment into the environment. We use sustainable materials like nettle canvas alongside responsible methods. With every piece we produce, we’re proving luxury can work in harmony with nature.

We source our leather from Britain's only remaining Oak Bark tannery. In a practice passed down through generations, the leather goes through a year-long process that uses no chemicals. The wool insulation used in our men’s and ladies' outerwear is a new generation of sustainable materials. It’s 100% natural, renewable and durable.

Responsible fashion

With Purdey, you’re able to retreat to the slow living of the countryside with Purdey even in the middle of the city. With us, it’s all in the details. We stay true to our values of quality and craftsmanship because it’s never failed us before.