The Over-And-Under Boot Bag - Moss Green In Walnut

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The Over-and-Under Boot Bag is perfect for taking into the field. Wellingtons sit into the larger compartment, whilst a smaller compartment with mesh pockets for easy organisation is perfect for storing caps, gloves, ear defenders and other kit. Air vents in the side of the bag ensure damp boots can still dry.The body of the bag has been crafted from eco-friendly nettle cotton canvas, woven in the UK. The traditional dyeing process uses no pesticides. The canvas itself is a recreation of fabrics used in the Second World War, as nettle fibres are extremely strong and durable. The fabric is stain-proof and water resistant. The leather is tanned with Oak Bark, a slow process that results in a very high-quality leather.
Product code: AUL044WALOS

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