Oak Plumier With Fittings In Natural Wood

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This solid oak plumier is the ideal place to store all the essential items for effective cleaning and maintenance. The lid slides back easily and the box is finished with the Purdey logo and a natural rope handle for easy manoeuvrability.Each plumier contains:Purdey anti-rust oil spray - 100ml.Purdey cleaning spray - 100ml.Purdey cleaning patches - box of 25.Purdey selvyt cloth.Wooden cleaning rod.Jag - all gauges.Wool mop - all gauges.Brass brush - all gauges.Dimensions - 46 x 10 x 8cm.*Please note we are not able to ship anti-rust oil spray or cleaning spray outside of the UK due to shipping restrictions. These products will be replaced with items of equivalent value. Orders for in-store collection are not affected.
Product code: AUC112NTWOS

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